A strong team within an organisation leads to better performance, growth and success. To build a strong team – a team building activities are essential. Such activities enable a team to reach their goal, while bonding the individuals closer together and identifying individual’s skills.

CTN Events offers a range of indoor and outdoor team building activities to suit all group sizes, group profiles, aims and objectives. These activities could be coordinated as often as required e.g. every week/month. Family members could also be encouraged to join some of these activities. Among most popular team building activities are:

Outdoor activities

  • Paintballing
  • Quad biking
  • Archery
  • Water rafting
  • Football contest
  • Sailing regattas
  • Golf tournament
  • Go-karting
Indoor activities

  • Bowling
  • Pool competition
  • Singing contest
  • Themed quiz games
  • Creative and art-based games
  • Catwalk challenge
  • Alcohol tasting (whisky, beer, wine, champagne)
  • Cooking classes

We can also arrange specific tasks and exercises to help individuals and teams develop skills such as time management, leadership, co-operation, delegation, strategic planning, managing change and communication. A key focus for all our events is creating a fun and exciting environment to keep you and your team energised and engaged throughout.